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LIFW COVID-19 Policy


We believe that exercise, diet, and preventative health measures aid in one’s battle against all viruses, including Covid-19.  


Due to this we believe it is your right to exercise and gain the health that you deserve, in a space that feels safe and welcoming.


Our rules regarding Covid-19


  1. Masks are not required and are up to the individual to decide.

  2. Vaccine proof is not required to enter our gym.

  3. All equipment must be sprayed and wiped down after use.

  4. Don’t come in if you feel sick or suspect you might have contracted the virus.

  5. If you’ve been around someone who has tested positive, please wear a mask when in the gym or stay home if feeling symptoms.

  6. We will not ask if you are vaccinated but trust that you make the right decision when it comes to keeping yourself and our gym family safe.


We understand that these are still difficult times for everyone.


Our mission at LIFW is and has always been to help first, to work alongside our members to create lifelong changes in health and wellness.  By doing just this, we will help combat this pandemic and help to improve the health of all.

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