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Tap Into Your Inner Super Man or Wonder Woman

The Journey - Step 1 : Recognize your super powers

Making changes are hard - change requires us to get out of our comfort zone and enter a realm of uncertainty. Change is not a fast process but rather a long journey that is met with both highs and lows. Before one takes these first few steps you must take time to reflect on your own readiness level. Do you feel ready, willing and able to do this? Be honest and set realistic goals.

Ask yourself what types of strengths do you have that can aid you in this journey? Have you always been driven once you set your mind on something? Have you practiced self-discipline to find success in your career? Do you have a great deal of self-awareness? Are you resilient and strong willed? Think about these strengths as your SUPER POWERS - these skills will keep on track and rolling forward to your goals.

There is a reason why you’ve had success in other aspects in your life. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had success in nutrition and eating in the past - what matters is that you first reflect on what types of things you are GOOD at so that you can lean on these behaviors in times of stress and change.

Ask yourself - am I READY for a change? Why now? What makes today different than yesterday or before?

Are you WILLING to change? Are you up for being a bit uncomfortable now to feel better tomorrow?

Are you ABLE to change? Do you have the support, skills and knowledge to make the changes you want?

Doing some honest reflection can be the key to unlocking and beginning the journey to your forever fit!

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