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The Journey - Step 3 : Celebrate the small wins

The journey is a long arduous one - a lifestyle change doesn’t come easy and as spoke about last week, will find ourselves failing at things. Fear not as the journey continues forward it helps to have positivity fuel you.

Being hopeful and optimistic when thinking of your health is an active driving force to long term change. I think it’s a no-brainer that we are most productive when our mood is good. Feelings of worthiness and high self-esteem aide us in presenting our best selves - showing our true super powers!

While on your journey remember this - recognize and be proud of the fact that you are making small changes. Maybe this week you were able to eat your 1-2 palms of protein per meal and feel physically better and more energized. Maybe you were able to get 3 nights of good 7-8 hours of sleep and notice how clear your head was in the morning time.

These are cause for celebration. Share your excitement with your family, treat yourself (yes even with a piece of candy) or just plain old feel the pride and know that you are well on your way to becoming Forever Fit!

5 ways to celebrate your wins:

1. Do something you’ve been wanting to do - Sign up for a dance class or dive into that hobby you’ve put aside.

2. Take time for yourself! - Schedule time in your week for some quiet time, a bath, or just some time watching your favorite show. If it’s a big win maybe you want to take a whole day off for yourself.

3. Enjoy a treat - treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting to get for yourself or buy a small box of chocolate covered strawberries or flowers.

4. Let someone know - wear it proud. Tell your friend, spouse, fit buddy or fit fam about your accomplishment.

5. Journal it - Believe it or not journaling small wins is important (as well as big ones). Keeping track of the progress affirms that we are capable of making it to the big fitness goals we thought were so far (almost too far) ahead.

Remember it’s called a Forever Fit journey for a reason. Make it an enjoyable one!

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