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The Journey - Step 4 : Know The Basics

It’s time to get back to school with this post! Take out your pencils and notepads, the test is coming up and you will be graded on a daily basis! Each and everyday you have the opportunity to score well, hit your goals and get the results you wish to see. How better to prepare for these daily tests than to understand the basics? The very first step into this unknown nutrition world is to understand what exactly a macro-nutrient is and why to even care? To give a very brief explanation, we have:

Carbohydrates : broken down into glucose used for cellular energy. Common foods high in carbohydrates : beans, rice, fruit, potatoes

Fats: broken down into fatty acids and glycerol which can be used for energy, and protect our vital organs. Common foods high in fat: cooking oils, nuts, flax seeds, avocado

Protein: broken down into amino acids which help to build muscle and bone. Common foods high in protein: chicken, milk, eggs, fish

There are many , many more functions of each macro-nutrient which, if interested, you should do some exploring on google and find out the amazing things the body can do with these!

Nonetheless - taking simple first steps into understanding what food falls into what category can help you formulate a healthy daily eating program. As we discussed in an early entry - measuring a fit meal can be simple! Just use your hands to measure your portion sizes:

For women:

Try to get 4-6 Palms of Protein, 4-6 Fists of Vegetables, 4-6 cupped hands of starchy carb, and 4-6 thumbs of fat daily.

For men:

Try to get 6-8 Palms of protein, 6-8 fists of vegetables, 6-8 cupped hand of starchy carb, and 6-8 thumbs of fat daily.

Now you can create a meal that is well-balanced and within caloric demands for your own body. Class is now over! But, If you enjoy getting to know the basics and find this fascinating, here's some homework for you. Research some excellent nutrition articles at our favorite resource:

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