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The Journey Step 5 - Take Action!

Over the past few weeks we’ve learned a bit about ourselves; our strengths and some of our weaknesses and we understand that setbacks will occur. You know enough to see a food and label it as falling into one of the 3 macro nutrients - and be able to know how much of it to eat according to your hand.

Now it’s time to take ACTION. If there is some change or goal that you have bouncing around in your head - this is the time to go for it. Taking action requires taking a risk. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and introducing a new way of life. However big or small this is - we risk entering the unknown. The risk doesn’t change as time passes - only your own desire to make the change. If you keep telling yourself “next week” I’ll try making that step - that week turns into a month, into a year, into years. You owe it to your future self to take action towards that goal as soon as you can.

Action doesn’t have to be huge and daunting - I would much rather you take a small step towards your goal than none at all, or take too big a step and find yourself with no balance. If you want to eat better - choose 1 better food choice today. See if you can do that for a few days in a row.

I’m a firm believer that having someone on your team during a time of change is immensely important. If you hire a coach, a trainer, or just have a friend who wants to check in with you - having that sounding board and support system gives your change depth and responsibility. We all need that person who is rooting for you while also keeping you your game.

Here are the Steps to taking action:

1. Create your goal - What to you want to achieve?

2. Go deep - Explore the benefits of achieving this goal. How would it change your

relationships? What doors will it open? How will your body feel?

3. Find your support - Hire a coach, Find a trainer, or connect with your family to help keep you accountable. Need someone to guide you? Inquire about our free assessment so we can be there every step of the way toward crushing your healthy eating and fit lifestyle goals by signing up for your free assessment .

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