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The Technique Behind The Forever Fit Method

The method to forever fit isn’t as complicated as you might think. It’s just about finding the right path for YOU - a path that you create. You’ve tried different diets, lifestyle changes and they all seem to come up short. Frustration begins to mount and you lose faith and confidence in yourself. These paths are simply just not the right one for you to take.

For example..

Weight-loss programs sell the vision of a quick and easy fix. Most people have tried a 30-

day diets or 3-day cleanse. These diets put you into a spot that you don’t feel comfortable but you just “need to gut it out” for a short time and you will see results. If you stick to the plan , you will find yourself losing weight and looking better. But ask yourself is that something that is sustainable? Can I keep doing this and find the same results?... Do I even want to? Is this even “healthy”?

This is where the Forever Fit method differs. We believe that change happens over time through small daily habits. These habits lead to big changes in lifestyle - changes that feel natural and changes that work for you. This is not a restrictive diet program, this isn’t a diet program at all.

This is a method that uses evidence based nutrition science and change psychology to guide and facilitate long term change. We promote:

  • Using your hands to measure portions on plates

  • Mindful eating

  • recognizing hunger cues

  • Daily habit tracking

  • Regular exercise

The Forever Fit Method understands that everybody is different in what they like to eat, how much time they have, and what skills they possess. This method helps to facilitate positive change in mind, body and spirit through dedicated and thoughtful coaching.

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