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Why Haven't I Lost Weight? Part 1

For most people losing weight is far tougher than gaining weight. Most people also find themselves in the camp that wants to lose weight but can’t seem to find something that works for them. Feeling stuck with no answer to your lack of weight change can feel overwhelming and downright depressing. So often do we see people try to over exert themselves in exercise with strenuous cardio workouts multiple times a day. We will be doing a three part series to answer this question for those who have weight loss as the top goal for their forever fit journey. At the end of each post we will provide one actionable step to begin today. By the end of this series (if you put these actions into place) we are intending on you having the tools you need to lose weight in a healthy and knowledgeable way. Now let's get on to it already!

You are underestimating how much you eat!

Most people have at some point in their weight loss journey have heard the phrase “It’s all about calories in vs. calories out”. There is definite truth to this - our body burns X amount of calories (based on activity level, body fat, weight, genetics) to sustain itself. This can be referred to as your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), or the amount of calories needed to run your body at rest. All food has a calorie count and consuming over your BMR will result in your body having more energy than it needs, storing it as fat in the body for later use.

If you feel discouraged or de-motivated by all of this, you are NOT alone! But keep in mind this one thing, focus makes progress and progress leads to success. How mindful are you when you are eating? Are you cognizant of how many serving sizes were in that bag of chips? See, Many people get into a rut when they believe they are eating a certain amount of calories when in fact they are forgetting the snacks and food in between meals. For example, its very easy to eat those cookies in the break room mindlessly without realizing how much was really eaten. Same goes for the late night ice cream snacking and the sodas with lunch.

So the question is: What is the best way to move past this? The answer: Start bringing your awareness to what you are eating and why you are eating. This brings us to the action step of the week...

The Action step:

Journal for 3 days in a row! Write down everything you put in your body in a localized spot and see if you can track a trend of what and when you tend to “forget” about the less than desirable food options. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you really hungry or just eating socially?

Do you need to eat that whole bag of chips or are you satiated with half of one?

Do you feel more energized or are you more lethargic?

Remember to be honest but don't judge yourself. You are in the right place on your journey to Forever Fit!

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