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3 Golden Tips to Prioritize Healthy Eating

The alarm clock goes off - it’s 5AM and you are feeling tired and too comfortable to try and get out of bed. You ask yourself why am I getting up extra early before a long day at work? The answer to many of you is : exercise is important.

Many of us have the ability to overcome these negative emotions that try to prevent us from doing something we know is important. Simply sticking to a schedule of getting up, waking up and preparing to exercise is a monumental win every single time! There's no reason you should think otherwise - waking up early is hard to do.

As you put on your gym clothes and warm up the car - you might eat a small piece of fruit or drink some water to help prepare your body for the workout you are about to do. These things are habits and help you to achieve your goal of feeling energized and ready for exercise.

Often times I see that people have a much “easier” time sticking with a workout schedule even though it may be at times of the day that most people are sound asleep or preparing for bedtime! The dedicated bunch of 5:15 AM all the way to 7:30 PM have made it a priority of theirs to get exercise in no matter what the consequences. Little less sleep? That’s okay this is important. Little less spouse and family time? That’s okay this is important!

These are sacrifices that we all make to improve ourselves. Sacrifices that are necessary for long term change.

Now think about the sacrifices you make when it comes to your nutrition. Do you have the same drive and urgency to fulfill those daily goals? Does your nutrition work as hard as your workouts?

We all know that Nutrition is probably about 80% of your success in weight loss, energy levels, strength, and overall well-being. The food we eat drives us to the best versions of ourselves as it allows for optimal growth.

So why aren’t you making nutrition work as hard as your workouts?

My advice for this is simple :

Make it a priority - Just like your workouts that you never miss, you need to plan ahead to make these workouts fit into your life. Once you make eating a priority you will find yourself meal prepping and making smart choices when eating out.

Start slow - On your first week of working out did you decide to workout 5 times in a row? Were you able to lift that heavy weight right away? In all cases it would hurt you to have done something this extreme. Mimic this in your nutrition - start slow. Pick one thing to work on in the next 2 weeks and see if you can consistently do it! Over time you can start adding new habits into your life. Make that Nutrition work hard for you!

Find support and accountability - For those that attend group classes or personal training, think about how you would feel without those trainers pushing you to work hard, but also to show up. It’s a lot harder to tell someone “I can’t make it today” and feel the guilt of letting that person down. This is why personal training and group class environments are so important. It sets up a buffer between your self doubts and your ideal self. The same can be said about your nutrition habits. Having someone who you need to report to about what you have eaten works in the same fashion as an exercise coach. When you set yourself up for success - positive changes are possible!

If you find yourself wanting to find that support and accountability feel free to drop me an email with any questions at

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