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Enjoy The Holidays While Staying Fit

It’s that time of year again - the start of a long 6 weeks of holiday parties, flowing alcohol, tasty desserts and high levels of stress! It’s the most wonderful time of the year...or so they say! It’s during this time of the year that many people fall off the wagon and promise that on January 1st they will make their changes back to normalcy.

While enjoying the holidays and the various indulgences that come with it are important; it’s also important to understand that you can still have control over what you consume through these celebratory times. Use these 5 tips to help keep you on track with your progress and prevent the downhill slide back to overeating and excessive weight gain!

Eat more slowly - This tactic is one that can really pay dividends during your holiday meals. When we are at holiday parties and there are so many choices for delicious food - it’s easy sometimes to go from one food to the next without really taking notice of your own fullness level. Take breaks in between bites to breathe and fully chew your food. This will give your body time to recognize how full it is - and give a chance for your brain to tell your gut that you don’t need that 2nd plate of food!

Get exercise - It’s easy during these holiday times to slack off on your exercise. Conflicting schedules get in the way, a general sense of lethargy also demotivates people into pushing exercise to the side. Try to do about 75% of your normal exercise routine to help keep you moving and burning calories. I guarantee that you will make better food choices knowing that you put in some good exercise!

Drink plenty of water - Eggnog and wine are flowing during these cold months. This isn’t a bad thing but recognize that you are dehydrating yourself with the intake of alcohol through these weeks of indulgence. Drink a glass of water in between every 1-2 drinks to stay hydrated and stay away from those dreaded headaches and hangovers!

Eat your vegetables first - Holiday meals bring high carb meals and tasty treats. When your choices are mostly in the carbohydrate and protein category, it's more important to fit in vegetables. When vegetables are at a minimum - choose to eat your vegetables first to help you fill up on good food, and also to make a priority of getting in your veggies!

Don’t restrict yourself! - This is a time for celebration, family meals and good times. Entering this time of year with a bit more of a relaxed mindset on what you “Can and can’t” eat will help keep you from over indulging. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy those brownies and cake. Remind yourself that you can have these things in moderation and that as long as you do the tips above - you will be fine and won’t slide backwards in your fitness goals! Happy Thanksgiving to all this week -

To make navigating thanksgiving as easy as can be, take this cheat sheet with you to keep you on track throughout the day!

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