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How to set up the ERG Data app for your rower

If you haven’t done so already, setting up the ERG Data app in conjunction with your rowing can add more fun to your workouts!

What exactly does this app do you might ask?

Well, when you connect this app to your rower you’ll be able to

  • Track all your workouts and see them online

  • Get more in depth data about your rowing workouts

  • Be ranked amongst your peers during “ranked” workouts (such as a 2k, 1k, 5k etc.)

  • Attempt team challenges, as well as concept 2 sponsored challenges.

  • Work towards hitting 1 million+ meters to receive a shirt and lots of pride!

The app is super simple to set up and just needs to be connected with any PM5 computer whether that is in the gym or at home on your own machine!

How do you set this up?

The first thing you need to do is CLICK HERE and create an account. Simple creation here - the usual username, password and the like will need to be entered.

Once you have login information, go on your phone and download the “ERG Data” app.

Once you have this downloaded, open up the app and login with the user and password you just created on the website.

Now that you have your app connected to your account - when it’s time to row navigate to on your rower to the following screens:

  • Go to “connect” on your rowers main screen

  • Notice PM number that identifies your unique rower

  • Go into the app and turn on Bluetooth

  • The app should automatically find the rower, in which you’ll then be able to connect to the machine with the app by clicking “connect”

  • Your rower should let you know that you are connected

  • Start a rowing workout, and when finished you will notice that your workout is now logged on the app by swiping to the left.

Join my team!

Why row alone when we can row together?

The cool thing about this app and its capability to track your rowing workouts is the fact that you can be part of a team goal.

Search for teams and scroll until you see “Rowing Time”.

Select a request to join this team so that you can get the benefit of both being part of a team, as well as giving me the ability to check out your workouts!

This is super simple but if you run into any difficulties, feel free to email me or reach out to me with questions!

Let’s row…together!!

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