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How to Succeed at Your New Years Resolution

With the new year approaching, many people will be finding themselves reflecting on 2019, and looking ahead to 2020 as a brand new start. Unmet goals or new aspirations will be envisioned and imagined - what will your goal for this new year be? What will it take for you to succeed and upgrade your life to the next level?

Flip the switch! Use this mindset hack to get you jump started in preparation for the new year. Use these final few weeks to start setting success in your mind. See and believe that you can make it happen and you will start to cultivate the necessary mental energies needed to make it a reality.

This is such an important step onto achieving the life you want. Flipping the switch is strictly a mindset practice. Committing to yourself has to start with your own mind and will create a path for you to accomplish anything you want.

You will be doing yourself no favors if you believe that this path is not possible. For example you may say to yourself..

  • “I don’t think I can …”,

  • “I can’t…”

  • “I’m not good enough”

  • “I don’t deserve this..”

These negative thoughts are just thoughts we tell ourselves. We are our own worst enemies and often criticize our own selves more than we would any other person in the world. The switch is not flipped because we do not believe in ourselves.

Flip the switch! Tell yourself that you can do this. If any other person in the world can do that goal of yours - you can do that just as good if not better. Give yourself the best holiday gift you can give - getting your mind right! I want you to start repeating in your mind these sentiments:

  • I can accomplish anything

  • I have the ability to solve problems

  • I am READY!

Flip the switch! Decide now that 2020 will be your best year yet and you will already be on your way to the life you can view in your mind!

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