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The Journey - Step 2 : Accept setbacks

Most people would say that when given a new opportunity - they rise to the occasion and put their best foot forward. Some may pick up a new skill early in their job and find themselves feeling a sense of flow and ease.

However often many times we hit a wall, doubt ourselves and find ourselves falling into the pit of self sabotage. When we attempt new things, new challenges inherently occur. These challenges can aide us or hinder our continued progress forward slowing us from reaching who we want to be. It is how we approach and understand these setbacks that will determine how successful we can be.

Setbacks do not mean that you are a failure and they do not mean that you cannot do the task. Just because you failed to eat your vegetables goal for the day - does not mean that you are a bad person and someone who doesn’t deserve a healthy life. Setbacks are crucial for us to grow, understand, and create new strategies.

Over the long-term continued planning, reassessing and also failures will lead to a greater you; greater than the sum of all your failures, a person who has resurrected their self fortitude. Give yourself a break - then learn and try to be better for the next setback.

Three things to do when approaching a set back:

STEP back. It may be time to reassess your goal to fit where you are now. While quitting is usually not the best decision, there is nothing wrong with tweaking your goal to fit your current circumstance.

Re-track. How did you get there? Is there an action or behavior that needs to lessen or let go of? Not all behaviors support new goals and this is the best time to change them.

Keep Track of your successes and what you are doing RIGHT. Especially habits that will aide in bouncing back quicker next time.

At the end of the day, setbacks are normal and are there to give you space to evaluate yourself. They definitely do not erase all the positive changes you have done! Keep it moving forward and know that you are not alone in this!

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