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Why Haven't I lost Weight? Pt.2

You aren’t drinking enough water!

Water is essential for the body to perform optimally and ideally. While it may sound a bit odd to say , “I’m not losing weight because I don’t drink enough water” it is 100% true that water plays a vital role in weight loss.

Water acts as a vital lubricant to provide efficient waste removal. This helps move along your digestive system - promoting healthy excretion! This directly impacts the amount of “stuff” in your body which impacts overall weight loss.

Water also acts as an appetite suppressant. Often times when we believe we are hungry for that snack - we are in fact just thirsty. Water will help fill you up without adding additional calories.

Action step: Find yourself a 20-36 Oz bottle that you can have on hand at all times during the day. When you are feeling hunger pains come on - drink some water and see if those urges diminish.

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