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5 Grocery Tips To Attain Your Ideal Fit Life

In today’s post I want to give you a simple concept that can make a world of difference in your daily eating habits. This is something that can be controlled, replicated and sustained through the long term. Using this skill will propel you into better eating habits and more successful results in your exercise and eating!

Are you ready for this? The big secret that is so simple?

Keep optimal food choices around you, in your house.

It sounds simple..and it is! The food that you have in your house is the food that will be eaten at some point - by you or someone in your family. The same holds true on the other end - if you have less than desirable food options in your house, you or someone in your family will eat it.

When you go food shopping make sure to select the foods that will be available to eat during your week. By simply making sure you have foods for your meals that give you energy and make you feel strong and radiant - you will inherently eat more of these foods.

For example - we go food shopping about once every week. During these trips I try to prioritize getting fresh veggies, lean meats, and try to limit getting many snack foods. During our meals we have an array of choices for veggies and meat. Since it is in the house - we will eat it so it doesn’t go bad. This pushes us to eat more veggies in fear that we will have to throw them out - wasting money and food!

There are of course times when more snack foods are bought and you can guess what happens...we eat more chips and not so desirable foods. It’s because when you are hungry and looking for something to eat - if you have something that is quick and easy to get into (bag of chips) you will naturally choose these chips at certain points during the week.

I’ve personally used this method of not buying ice cream every week to stop eating it as much. If there is no ice cream in the house - I cannot eat it! I’ve found that the urge to eat ice cream decreases with each passing day which in turn helps keep me feeling lean and healthy.

I’m here to tell you that you are in control of these habits - it starts when you are walking around the grocery store choosing your food to put in the cart. Know that any food that you buy will get eaten at some point.

To help you along the way, remember these shopping tips:

1. Eat before you go food shopping. - This will help prevent you from buying things just because you're hungry. A hungry brain is more likely to pick up snacks and carb rich foods.

2. Enter the food store with a list and STICK to it. - This is a biggie. When you prepare a list that is non-negotiable, you have 100% of power over your choices. Don't leave your food choices up to chance.

3. Start with the produce and fresh foods. - It may be tempting to go straight for the boxed goodies or what ever aisle is closest to the entrance. Don't give in to that temptation. Practice being intentional about your food choices right away.

4. Work from the outer aisles first and make your way to the inner aisles - This goes hand in hand with tip #4. Usually the produce and fresh foods are on the outer aisles while the boxed goods are in the middle.

5. Drink water while you are shopping. - Keep your water canteen by you to hydrate. This is also good if you start to feel a craving come on. If you do, take a swig.

Take back the power over your food choices ! You have control over this and being the positive role model for you and your family.

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